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A. McKay
Customer - Andrew McKay

I hired a MX5 from TargaRacing for the 2010/2011 Targa Championship (Targa High Country, Targa Wrest Point & Targa Tasmania). Although I have some circuit racing experience this was my first experience at tarmac rallies. The MX5’s were well prepared & perfectly setup for tarmac rallies & you can tell a lot of time & experience has gone into suspension & handling setup of the cars. We did not have a single problem across the 3 events & even small driver comfort issues were instantly addressed. The cars are fantastic fun to drive, very forgiving so you can push hard without nasty surprises & as quick as any car through the twisty bits, downhill & under brakes. The biggest plus is the arrive & drive concept for people who are time poor All of the details are taken care of from servicing all the way through to accommodation & even team diners. The ability to just arrive at the event & only worry about driving makes it a far more enjoyable experience. I have recommended TargaRacing to my mates & I would recommend it to anyone interested in getting into Targas. I cannot speak highly enough of the service provided by Chris Gough & the team. The assistance & knowledge they provided to me as a Targa rookie was invaluable & we could not have achieved the success we did (1st Showroom Championship) without them Andrew McKay

K. Handley
Customer - Kelly Handley

In my experience, the service offered by Chris and the TargaRacing team is the best of its kind available in AustraliaTargaRacing is an incredibly professional operation, offering exactly the right level of support to crews wanting to compete in tarmac rallying – whether it’s their first event right through to more experienced competitors wanting to be able to challenge for outright placings. The pre-event support ensures crews are event-ready, with everything from training days and notes advice through to logistics taken care of. The cars are exceptionally well prepared – I have never experienced a mechanical issue while competing in one of the MX5s – and the level of support and service offered by the team during an event ensures you’re always organised and never in doubt of finishing!Most importantly, the team always creates a positive and fun team environment- you are guaranteed to have a brilliant racing experience with the TargaRacing Team. Kelly Handley

M. Mravicic
Customer - Matilda Mravicic

Do you want an experience of a lifetime? Do you want someone else to organise it? Then, call the team at TargaRacing. I’ve been circuit racing for twelve years and decided in 2010 to add Tarmac Rallies to my repertoire with my first event being Targa Wrestpoint. I turned to the team at TargaRacing for their expertise. They provide a professional, reliable, comprehensive package – everything from a fully compliant vehicle, attending to the obligatory paperwork, liaising with officials, smiling service crews taking care of you and the car at every stop, through to photographs and entertainment. What is required of you? Fly in, have fun, fly out. With more than 20 year’s collective racing experience, the advice from the crew at TargaRacing is invaluable, especially for first timers and their emphasis on safety is paramount. Along with training days, they also have a network of incredibly experienced Drivers and Navigators who are extremely approachable. For a first timer, it is comforting to know you have an easily accessible knowledge pool to put your mind at rest. I have the highest regard for the professionalism and expertise for the team at TargaRacing – so much so, I have signed up again Matilda Mravicic Targa Wrestpoint 2010 and 2011

K. Silverthorn
Customer - Kelly Silverthorn

I’ve hired Targa cars and crews in New Zealand, Newfoundland, and now Tasmania. Redback Racing offers an exceptionally professional operation.The Miata (MX5) I drove at Tassie had less than 10,000 km. With its light weight, these cars handle well, and are easy on brakes and tires. It certainly has enough power to find trouble if you must, but the MX5s will not take you there uninvited. Having identical spec cars made the participating Targa Racing crews more interested in the intra-squad rivalry than the overall event competition. It was all good-natured fun, with the service guys featuring in the fun and entertainment, for anybody hoping to race in Targa Tasmania from overseas this service is a must and the event definitely one of the best motor sport experiences available globally Kelly Silverthorn, Canada. Targa 2009, Targa 2011

H. Sutcliffe

I was seriously impressed by the entire experience delivered by Chris and his team at Targa Racing. It is clearly a major logistical exercise to organise all facets of an operation this size. What transpired was that everything from transport, accommodation, car setup, maintenance and race support had been well thought out and planned in advance so that all we had to do was turn up and concentrate on our driving. That’s exactly what Targa Racing had promised. What more can I say? I’m back again for the next season! Hartley Sutcliffe

P. Shacklady
Customer - Paul Shacklady

Dear Adam and Chris, As you know, competing in Targa Tasmania had been on my TTDBID aka ‘Bucket’ list for quite a few years.  The only ‘trivial’ problems confronting me included not having a car, co-driver or, in fact, any idea of how to go about implementing the quite daunting logistical exercise of turning that desire into a reality.  As it turned out however, solving the co-driver problem with Brian Anderson – the only person on this planet game enough to share the driving with me – also resolved the remaining issues by introducing me to TargaRacing’s services. In summary, for a very reasonable monetary outlay, your company not only allowed me to tick off a huge item from my bucket list, but made the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable.  I very much appreciated the fact that I didn’t need to be concerned about any of the myriad frustrating and time-consuming details of entry paperwork, car preparation, transport to and from the event, scrutineering, accommodation etc ad nauseam.   As an experienced circuit racer, with safety paramount in my mind, I know how critical it is to have the utmost confidence that the car I’m competing in has been carefully and competently prepared.  The fact that the MX5 performed flawlessly throughout the five days and handled superbly is a credit to your knowledge and experience in these types of events.  You and your support crew ensured that I knew what was required of me at every stage of the event and that quite literally; all I had to do was “Arrive & Drive”.  Perfect!   I look forward to continuing our association in the 2011/2012 seasons Regards Paul Shacklady”

G. Kennedy
Customer - Goeff Kennedy

Well guys just a word of thanks for turning the dream into a reality – again. What an insane few months. When I first made contact with Redback Racing in late December 2009 – little did I imagine you would be well enough organised to have me successfully completing my first ever Targa event FOUR weeks later. It was amazing that you were able to: – organise all the paperwork, Targa entries etc – find me a great Navigator – organise a personalised seat fitting (and get to know barbeque) – ship the car – organise the accommodation – personalised seat fitting for myself and my navigator – keep the car running in perfect condition – it just all happened and ran like clockwork Now you have just done it again – for the race I have always dreamed about. You were right – the Targa Tasmania event was sooo much bigger than Targa Wrest Point (but I now recommend that anyone who wants to do Targa Tasmania should do Targa Wrest Point first). So Targa Tasmania is so hard to describe or explain to people but I’ll have a go anyway. So just imagine this: – before I have even left Sydney the support team has arrived in Tasmania and serviced and prepared the car – I fly directly to Launceston to meet up with team (and the car) and do final seat fittings etc – drive the car to scrutineering and pass straight through with no issues – next day Redback have organised for myself and the other team car to participate in a track day at Symmonds Plains – basically doing hot lap rides for sponsors which was great fun and great preparation in getting used to the car again. To top it off we shared a garage with Jim Richards (who is a great down to earth guy) – once the track session was complete the support crew attacked the car and fitted a complete new set of tyres and rims ready for Targa – then it was full on into the big event where everything happens in rapid succession and there’s hardly time to take breather – almost everything happened as planned with one exception ….. mother nature … who turned on some of the trickiest conditions I have experienced in the last ten years – anyway all accommodation was organised, team get togethers each night, some driving coaching tips techniques and what amazed me was the preparation as to which suspension settings were going to be used on each day (and what could be adjusted during the day) – this event criss crosses the island at race pace yet the support crews would always appear ready for us (in the middle of nowhere) for refuelling, food, drinks etc – never missed us once – with the variable conditions it was incredibly mentally demanding – but what made it easier was not having to worry about any mechanical or logistical issues due to the great support team. – I made lots of friends, met many icons – at the end of the event I say goodbye to everyone (and the car) and fly back to Sydney – how easy fun and painless was that!!! In summary Targa is a very well organised event that has to be experienced to be believed. When you are able to participate in such a large event and have a reliable car, superb support crew and be associated with such great people and finish the event it is such a high!!! All I can say to the people out there who watch motorsport, play the DVD’s and dream a lot ………. just get out there and do it (and get Targa off your “Bucket List”). You don’t live forever you know .. do it and do it now in the best organised way possible – as a full Targa lease package!!!! A full Targa lease package, takes away the worries of building a race car, finding a navigator , getting a support team organised, finding accommodation, organising spares, fuel etc etc., and was the only way to do it and really enjoy it …….. so much so I’m going to do it again next year!! Thanks guys I still can’t get the grin off my face. Regards, Geoff Kennedy