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Scotty Bosés

Scott Bosés is a California collector whose previous career as a supplier of vehicles to Hollywood left him able to pursue that dream hobby of finding and restoring automotive relics. Austin Powers 2 featured several of Scott’s cars through his company Hollywood Picture Cars as were the cars in "Back to the Future” except for the DeLorean which the studio already owned. Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is an automotive charitable event held each year on the Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, California and considered the most prestigious event of its kind. Scott and his partner Celesta have been invited to display their restored vehicles on the ‘green’ on a number of accessions including a very rare 1932 Ruxton sedan. His tastes run to the eclectic; in 2013, he and his wife won the Concours d'Lemons show for terrible cars with a 1949 Voisin Biscooter, a golf cart crossed with an airplane via the island of Dr. Moreau. (This award is the equivalent to Best In Show - Ed) Click HERE for an episode of Yahoo Autos featuring Scotty Bosés & the 1932 Ruxton restoration

Targa Mania in Tasmania

Ever say yes to a suggestion before you know quite what you are getting yourself into? Sometimes it really works out well…this was one of those times. On the monied greens of the Pebble Beach Concourse known throughout the United States as the number one event in the ...