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Coffee and Cars Linked to Unexpected Mountain Blasts

Thank you for leading us on an amazing adventure around Tassie!

From the nervous excitement of driving the Aston onto the ship, to driving some of the most spectacular roads with ever changing scenery and making so many new friends – it’s an experience not to be missed.

Colin and I met last year in a driving group and share the love of cars, so when a friend mentioned the Targa Tour at a Coffee & Cars morning we signed up right away. With no idea what to expect we excitedly booked our trip on the Spirit, organised the car transport and picked some nice B&Bs to stay at along the way.

We’ve never met such a friendly bunch of people, the Tour leaders were like energizer bunnies who popped up everywhere we went to guide us along the way with hilarious commentary. Seriously who has that much energy that early in the morning…yes I mean you especially Zane ha ha!

From day 1 the adrenaline was pumping, meeting people with the same passion and excitement, surrounded by the most amazing cars and all eager to drive what I would say are some of the best roads in the country. Every day was a new adventure, a great combination of a nice cruise through the countryside then a blast up the mountains, simply awesome! I think the Special Stage in Georgetown was one of everyones faves – we all wanted to do it again!

One of the many reasons we had such an amazing time is also because of the locals and volunteers, with directions to the best cafes to giving us their RACT card at the BP to get discounted petrol, it was like we were all part of a big family on wheels, an extraordinary experience we’ll never forget.

Look forward to seeing you all again at Targa High Country ?

Di Williams
& Colin Fabri
Sunshine Coast, Qld

Colin & Di share a love of cars and met at a Coffee & Cars event in Queensland. A friend at one of these events mentioned the "Tour" and the pairing wasted little time booking passage to the Apple Isle. The Targa Tasmania Tour proved to be " extraordinary experience we'll never forget" and both Colin & Di are now planning to continue their Tour adventures at Targa High Country

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